Yoga is so simple you can easily start practising the poses at home. It doesn’t require much time and all you need is a Yoga mat and free space. Please remember that Yoga is not only a fat-cutting exercise. The stretch exercises taught in Yoga unite the mind and body. The rejuvenation and healing effect which Yoga has on human health is also scientifically proven. These poses increase your body flexibility and postures when practised every day. Since these are basic yoga breathing exercises to start at home, it teaches you at first the breathing controlling techniques which are the backbone for any Yoga Poses.

Breathing Yoga Exercises to start at Home


Yoga has its routes from India, so the majority of the names are derived from the ancient Indian Sanskrit Language. Pranayama is actually the controlled breathing technique and is the backbone for any Yoga Pose. There are many health benefits if you practice Pranayama properly. Follow the below steps to practice pranayama.

  • Roll on the Yoga mat on a calm and quiet place.
  • Sit on the mat keeping backbone straight and legs folded.
  • Breathe deep and inhale fresh air slowly as much possible.
  • Wait for a few Seconds.
  • Exhale the air slowly as if you push all the air out from your lungs.
  • Repeat step 1 to 5 for at least 5 minutes.

There are amazing health benefits of Pranayama, let us learn each one of them.

  • Practising Pranayama every day helps in improving the Cardiovascular function as you inhale more oxygen in your body.
  • Pranayama calms your mind and keeps you relaxed which further reduces the risk of hypertension.
  • Practising Pranayama imparts amazing benefits on your mental health to control depression and anxiety.
  • Practising Pranayama helps to remove toxic elements from your body.
  • In case you face problems with a stuffy nose, practising Pranayama helps to cure that over a period of time.

The equal Duration Pranayama or Sama Vrtti Pranayama

This is an important pranayama breathing exercise where you learn how to breathe in an equal interval. In the basic pranayama, you have to just practice breathing but here you learn how to control it. Follow the below steps to master this technique.

  • Sit in a comfortable position and relax.
  • Put all your concentration to inhale and exhale air few times like in normal Pranayama.
  • Now start inhaling and exhaling slowly while counting from one to five with each breathes as you take inside.
  • Slowly increase the breathing duration as you keep practising.
  • Repeat all the steps at least five to seven times until you feel it’s perfect.

Final Verdict

Breathing exercises are simple however requires daily practice to get all the positive benefits. You must master the breathing techniques to practice all the yoga poses effectively.

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