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There are lots of natural ways to lose weight. You must take the first step for weight loss from your breakfast table. Some healthy breakfast foods help you to lose weight. It is important to select these weight loss breakfast foods and include them in your daily diet. In case you eat wrong food during breakfast, it only amplifies your carving even before you start the day. In case you eat the correct food at breakfast, it keeps you full throughout the day and reduces your carvings. Over here is a list of the best weight loss breakfast foods for you to eat daily.

Top 5 weight loss breakfast foods

Wheat Germ

Wheat Germ is basically wheat kernel extremely rich in nutrients like manganese, thiamine and selenium. This is a fibre rich cereal that promotes weight loss by effectively reducing appetite and food intake. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level after a meal and keeps you healthy. You can top up the smoothies or Yogurt bowls with wheat germ during breakfast to add some extra fibre in your diet.

Eat Bananas.

Bananas are fibre rich food with low in calories and an excellent weight loss breakfast food. You can also eat this amazing fruit in your breakfast menu as a healthy alternative for sweet. Both ripe and unripe bananas are healthy and have amazing health benefits. So, eat a banana every day and get an amazing health benefit from this superfood.

Low fat or fat-free Yogurt

Yogurt is a protein food and can significantly help you to lose weight. Yogurt has a creamy taste and goes well with your morning breakfast. It is also a low-calorie food that reduces your hunger. Yogurt goes well with fruits, chia seeds or wheat germ and makes your morning breakfast packed with nutrition. However, make sure to eat Low fat or fat-free yogurt as you are considering it as best weight loss breakfast food.


Smoothies are nice and healthy breakfast food which is not only easy to make but also nutritious. If you prepare smoothies by choosing the correct type of veggies or fruits it is great for weight loss. Fruit smoothies like banana and avocado are a superfood. You can also prepare a weight loss smoothie by blending a cup of milk with chia seeds and strawberries. Drink this in the morning and kick-start your day. This is definitely one of the best weight loss foods for breakfast.


Grapefruits are extremely low in calorie and high in Fibre for which it’s considered as the best weight loss food. The water content in grapefruit is high, and it is a versatile fruit that goes well with your breakfast bowl. Enjoy eating this healthy fruit daily morning and it one of the best weight loss breakfast foods.

Final Verdict

There are lots of food available around us. It is important to choose the best food that gives the maximum benefit. Stick to this list and eat these best weight loss breakfast foods to reduce weight and stay fit.

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