Yoga back pain

Back-pain is a severe problem for which many people suffer. In case of severe back pain, you must consult a physician because there might be cases even for surgery. There are however several stretch exercises in Yoga which actually helps to reduce back pain. Let us learn the steps to perform these Yoga poses to relieve back pain effectively.

Top Yoga poses to relieve back pain

Cat-Cow Pose or Marjaiasana

To start practising this pose, the basic steps remains the same as described earlier. Deep breathing is essential while you perform the below steps.

  • On your Yoga mat sit with folded hands and knees positioning.
  • Your wrist must be placed under your shoulders while the knees must be under the hips.
  • Make sure you have evenly balanced your body weight on your hands and knees.
  • Now breathe in looking in an upward direction and push down your stomach towards the mat.
  • Breathe out while tucking your chin to the chest by drawing the naval area towards the spine. Try arching your spine facing towards the ceiling.
  • Ensure you breathe easily during the process.
  • Keep the same body movement for at least sixty seconds and repeat for five to six times.

Downward-Facing Dog Position or Adho Mukha Shvanasana

Adho Mukha Shvanasana is an extremely effective Yoga that helps you recover from back pain. The pose looks simple but regular practice required to master it.

Make sure you breathe properly while practising. Follow below steps and practice Adho Mukha Shvanasana for effective results.

Position yourself on the Yoga mat facing in the downward direction.

  • Place your hands and push yourself in the upward direction.
  • Make sure you retain an inverted V shape and your sitting bone faces the ceiling.
  • Now try lowering your back a bit and again go back to the inverted V position.
  • Make sure the weight is evenly distributed between your hands and legs.
  • Breathe regularly as required during any Yoga.
  • Try to be in this position for a couple of minutes and repeat a few times.

Final Verdict

Back-Pain is definitely an area of concern, but Yoga gives a solution to this problem. It is important to take care of you back in case you feel pain. Consulting a physician is always advisable, however, it is also possible to cure back-pain naturally. The effect on Yoga on human health is slow but steady. Keep practising and enjoy all the magical benefits of Yoga.

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