Home remedies are fast and effective ways to treat minor burns from hot oil. Any kind of burn is extremely painful which requires immediate treatment. Spilling of hot oil over the skin is a common accident anyone could encounter while cooking. If you accidentally put even a pinch of water over oil while cooking, the hot oil might crackle on your face. These cases require immediate attention. Let us learn the various home remedies for burns from hot oil.

Top home remedies for burns from hot oil

Use ice compress

In case you got a burn from hot oil, take some ice cubes and compress on the burn area immediately. This gives some relief from the pain and swelling. Keep compressing the wounded area at some regular interval of five to ten minutes. You can also take one or two ice cubes and wrap in a soft cotton cloth to prepare the cold-compress bag. Use it at regular interval.

Use antibiotic ointments

Antibiotic ointments are easily available in any medical store. Make sure you have one readily available in case of emergencies arising for burns from hot oil. Bacitracin or Neosporin are antibiotic ointments highly effective to treat burns. The best tip to use this medicated ointment is to clean the burn area at first and put the ointment. After that wrap it with a sterile cloth. If you take immediate attention, you can definitely avoid blisters formation.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel.

Aloe Vera get is probably the best natural ointment used in the treatment of burns. Aloe Vera has a powerful anti-inflammatory property and promotes circulation. It also slows down the growth of bacteria. Take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut into equal halves to get the inside gel. Apply the get on the burn area for a few days. It reduces the inflammation and pain slowly because of the medicinal properties.

Do not expose the wound to sunlight.

Never expose the burned skin to the sunlight as it will affect the wound badly. When you go out, cover the wound area with a soft cotton cloth. Apply this tip to recover from the burn quickly.

Never pop blisters.

Some people have the habit of bursting blisters. This is extremely dangerous as it leads to infection. In that case, it will aggravate further and take time to cure. In case the blisters formed for burns from hot oil is big, consult a physician.

Final Verdict

It is extremely important to take care of your burns if it happened accidentally. Stick to this list and use the above tips like the top home remedies for burns from hot oil.

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