Walking is the most common form of physical exercise but is extremely beneficial for health and weight loss. Walking is the best way to keep yourself physically active and stay away from diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Walking is so simple that anyone at any age can practice waking. It only requires some fixed time to spend in the day. Early morning is definitely the best time for walking as you get fresh air, full of oxygen. The benefits of walking are many and losing weight is definitely one among them. Let us study the benefits of walking and learn how walking helps you to lose weight.

Top benefits of walking for weight loss

Burning of Calories

Burning of excess calories is important to lose weight. Walking is an easy way to burn excess calorie. It estimated that if you walk approximately 1.5 Km daily you can lose around 100 Calorie every day. The minimum calorie intake for men and women varies. If you can run, the calorie burning will be more. Walking also keeps you physically fit and active. Thus, walking is great for weight loss.

Walking Preserves Lean Muscle

Cutting calories also leads to loss of muscles along with fat which is not good. Walking helps to protect the lean muscles by dropping the metabolic rate. If you walk regularly, you can also maintain muscle strength.

Burns Belly Fat

Belly fat is a big area of concern and requires immediate attention. Walking can actually help to reduce belly fat by burning down the calories. If you walk and do moderate running every day you can actually lose the unwanted fat around your waist.

Improved Mood

If you exercise regularly you can boost your Mood. There is no substitute for exercise. It is the best way to keep you physically fit, active and stay healthy. If you keep yourself physically fit and active your body secretes more serotonin and norepinephrine. These hormones are mood busters and act great to improve Mood.

Increases Flexibility

Walking is a physical exercise to keep you flexible and fit. If you walk every day, you can stretch and tone your tight muscles as well. Walking also increases metabolism, blood circulation and keeps you fit.

Final Verdict

Walk daily and keep counting steps as it has tons of benefits. The more you walk the better way you can shape yourself up. It is a simple but effective physical exercise which actually helps you to lose weight slowly.

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